Monday, 17 December 2012

2012 Recap

It’s yet the end of another year and no one could be happier about the year ending more than me. You have been with me and you know it’s been one hell of an year for us.
But lets tackle the elephant in the room; my silence. I am worried that I am becoming one of those people who when in a relationship, forget the outside existing world and focus on their relationship. Which I have to admit is a bad habit and I don’t encourage it in any of my friends but heck! I can’t help but rather stare into Bo’s eyes than go online.  
And true to LSN (Lezville Social Norms), we are even talking of U-hauling. Lol. And of course, the holiday season question; whose parents’ we are going to for holidays. If you remember well, last year I blew off going to Belle’s because I thought things were moving too fast for us and it wasn’t right. Well this year I kind of slightly feel the same but I don’t want to be away from Bo this holiday. not for a day! With her it feels right. So I need to have a meeting with me, myself and I to decide exactly which part of me carries more weight; Head v/s heart. Let the battle begin! 

And now, to recap the year 2012. Feel free to add whatever I forgot…
1. Nikki and love- PYT called to talk the other day. I went to met her and guess what? The bitch didn’t have anything of importance to say. I hate it when bitches do that! Don’t call me like you are on fire and when I get there you are like “Otherwise!?...” waste of my bloody time! Belle started talking to me the other day. I was happy! I know I did her wrong and getting that text from her meant a lot. I hope we can be friends some day… I miss that one! As for Starlet, she still hates my guts! And Bo? We are still in that sweet honeymoon phase and I couldn’t ask for a better woman! *grins*
2.  Caroline Mutuku’s post- guys remember that one time Carol put up a post advertising a GALCK position and it got crazy? *smh* I was so proud to see y’all dykes come together and educate those homophobes bila matusi or anything! Just straight up brains and truth! Good times!
2.    Ruth Matete being one of us- and who didn’t secretly wish or think that Ruth was one of us? I even heard a rumor that she was. Turns out she wasn’t but it was good to dream for a second there… lol. Oh, and that MJ-tranny wanna-be on TPF5. Looool! Nigga must be gay! Hehe
3.    Who scared of Le’word guys? Woman has been so quiet after starting with so much fire and gusto. I didn’t like the drama she was causing so good riddance!
4.    Break ups and hook ups- So so many! All the tears, all the nasty updates and all the drunk dials, this is for you. For the single ladies please comment and let the studs know where Y’all at! Sexy singles only. Lol. Life goes on.  
5.  And I can’t fail to mention all the new dykes up on the scene. The hotshots controlling the scene right now! Keep doing what you’re doing and be fabulous while doing it. My advice, you are on top of the game right now and you know what they say, the higher you climb, the harder you fall so don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Now go ahead and enjoy your 15seconds.
6.    And to all the newbies, KARIBU. You don’t have to be young to be a newbie. So even to all those older mamaas who have discovered that eating PINK is good for your health, join in the circle and before you go far, refer to my post To Newbies With Love. You will find useful information there. But I like new dykes; they ensure continuity. An assurance that Lezville will still go on. Aluta continua, or some shit like that. 

7.    Talk about Lezville achievements. There have been several but I will mention the ones that have really caught my eye:
·         Ladies night at Club Sylk- the idea was good. I applaud Lui and Dj Sharley for it but 2wednesdays down the line, it was cancelled. Why? How often do you get a club that is gay friendly and more-so lets ladies have a night all to themselves? Kindly bring it back. It could become one of those things that might become a Lezville darling event! 
·         RW- It’s a group that was started by (if I am not wrong) Sly Banks! Started out little but now it has become the go-to place when you want some Lezville entertainment. It was a good initiative Sly. Mold it into the family you had in mind when starting it.
·         Anne Ollo’s support- I want to applaud Y’all dykes for coming through for our own when it was most needed. The coming together and the events that were organized to help Anne were heart touching. It really restored my faith in Lezville. And in the same breath I cant forget to mention all the groups and organizations that have been created to help Lezville and to bring positivity and change e.g Heart to heart, Project pride, Out in Kenya, and all the rest. Good work guys! That is the direction Lezville should be moving in.  
·         Battle of the bashes- This is was a good and bad thing; it provided entertainment but brought too much negativity.Who can forget that! It was Barcode v/s Dyke fusion. And the winner was…. The guys who attended either and had fun! Like me! Hehe… the fights got pretty nasty as people hurled insults and tried to pull crowds. All in all, awesome events.                                                                                      
·         Blogs- I never fail to mention all the bloggers who have taken that addictive step and started gay blogs. I believe I have been sharing with you every new blog I come across. Call me a blog junkie! So Dosz, Tina, Kadzo, Argh, Tato-even though you neglected yours, Sharrrz, Immah and everyone else I haven’t mentioned, keep up! Art is what builds a society. Every word counts!   
·         New mothers- This year has seen a couple of new mums in Lezville. I greatly admire your courage and strength. Its not easy raising a child with 2moms anywhere in the world leave alone Kenya! I doubt I am anywhere near there myself but it’s awesome to see that there are those who are paving the way for us in terms of good examples. Congrats guys. And the rainbow grows bigger still.
·         KeGALA- who can forget that? Surely the LGBTI community in Kenya has come a long way. If it was Uganda we would have been burnt inside City Hall my good friends. And to see the cops there for protection and not arrest! Good heavens! I was so proud! And of course, congrats to all those who won awards. Your work does not go un-noticed! Next year pia mimi nitajitahidi nishinde. :D
·         Finally Judy doing her thing and getting an interview on the paper was really cool to see. You go girl. Lead by example! 

 8. Now, how about we touch on some of the fails we have had as a community? They may not be many but still worth mentioning; 
·         Issues with GALCK- I will not talk much about this lest chairs start flying about. But it’s sad that an organization dedicated to helping the community has in it a few bad eggs who are dedicated to helping themselves and their cronies. The rest of the people depending on you suffer. Money of that amount does not just disappear into thin air. Let those responsible step down and people with a heart to help and a good head on their shoulders be put in place!  
·         The lack of sisterly support, drama and beefs have been so many this year. Starting from event organizers to cliques! And worst part is that they hang it all out on FB for all and sundry to see. Shame guys. We are better than that!   
·         The near expose'- I don’t know who runs Nairobi Exposed but that dude has some really thick-skulled followers. Including the dyke who went to sheneneka about Q-bashes! Are you fucking serious?! Get a life you hypocrite!
·         Finally, the back stabbing this year has been phenomenon! Kwanza on friendships?! I don’t know how some of y’all sleep at night but don’t forget, karma is a bitch gals. You will get what coming to you.

Final note to the young dykes; I am not that old but I would like to think that I am at the prime of my life and even though still youth, I can talk to some of the younger dykes and anyone young at heart. 
Listen up kids, this is your time to make mistakes. Not because you are dumb but because you have time to learn and make it right. Date a chick your mother would not approve, drink something without a label on the bottle, smoke some weed that you know you will regret 5minuts later when the crazies hit, travel to a place you don’t know and get stranded among strangers coz that will give you memories to last you a lifetime(just pray they are not serial killers), make friends that you wouldn’t normally make and create opportunities for yourself, if you are attracted to a dude, don’t feel less of a dyke coz you want to explore it, have as many 3ways as you can but be safe, wank, laugh, cry, love, get hurt, get over it and live!
Most of us wish we had done all this when we didn’t have jobs and other commitments and shit and we are still trying to have fun in life even with the limited free time we have. 
If time and age mean jack to you, then listen to me when I tell you this; these are the moments you will remember while stuck in traffic on a Friday evening after a shit-week of hell at work as you rush home to your baby or to take care of an unwell spouse. And finally on your death bed!  Ask any older dyke and they will agree with me.
Be a free spirit.
Finally, drag your hangoverd ass to church one of these fine Sundays and don’t forget to wake me up we go together.


  1. EEEEHHHH babes, nice post..... You sound as though you have reached FINAL DESTINATION.......
    Enjoy the great times with Bo..... Merry Xmass and Happy new year to all who have accepted and those who are yet to accept who they truly are.....HHHAAA

    1. thanks darl. i hope you had an eventful 2012 as well :)

  2. A free spirit, yes, I can relate to that. Looking back is fun, but looking forward and seeking to improve on what was before is the only way to go.

  3. Very nice post and interesting to read, I love visiting this blog.